'I want to challenge Myself against some of the best players in the world'

The Netherlands and Belgium dominated the U21 EKC. Nevertheless, there were players from other countries who left behind a good impression. One of those players is Shane Buckland. Reason enough for Korfbal-Kijken.nl to have a chat with him.

This February he turns 19, but already he is showcasing his talent at the U21 EKC. With his 16 goals, he is second on the top score chart. But next to this, his technique and teamplay abilities stand out as well. Earlier this year he already showed his skill at the U19 WKC. He was top scorer at that tournament with a outstanding 29 goals in 6 games. That is why Korfbal-Kijken.nl wanted to get to know him better.

Shane is the son of Corinne and Dave Buckland, both former players of the English national team. He started playing korfball at the age of 5. While watching his parents, he gets familiar with the very best korfball players from England at a very young age. He also has 2 twin brothers who, in his own words, are already catching up with him in terms of korfball ability and height.

He has played for Tornadoes Korfball Club all his life. His team finished 3th in the last 2 seasons but they hope to play for the title this year. This would also mean they get to play in the Europe Cup, something Shane sees as a great chance to showcase his skill.

At the moment Shane is involved with korfball four times a week. He trains for Tornadoes two times a week. Sunday is matchday. On Saturdays he also trains with the national squad.

When I ask him what his ambition are, he tells me he wants to play in the korfball league at some point. He wants to challenge himself against some of the best players in the world.

Photo: Shane Buckland